Chapter 2 – Dragon Girl (1)

TN: Last chapter was more of a prologue. This chapter is the “start” of the story and how they met.

“Oh, although it’s second-hand, I’ve bought something good”, my old man said in a good mood as he was opening the cardboard box.

Even though he said it was his day off, his hair was perfect. He pushed up his bulky glasses with the middle finger of his right hand.

Stuff the old man used for work like his tools and documents were inside the box.

As for my devastatingly clumsy old man, I didn’t want him to touch anything fragile like dinnerware. I rely on my younger brother Shouhei and distribute the work.

“I’ve been wondering since we came to view the house, but isn’t this house too big for 3 people?”

I’ve already finished cleaning my room and was helping my father who was falling behind on his work.

“It’s fine. Shou will bring his wife home, increase our family members and it’ll feel right.”

“Oi, what about me”

“Shou is popular”

“And, what about me?!”

If a miracle occurred, then even I might be able to get married!

Besides, no matter how you look at it, it’s too early to think about marriage for my younger brother who’s still in elementary school.

“Well, Shou is indeed popular”

When we moved from our previous house, girls came and crowded him, it was awful. Also, the same number of boys came as well and I was somehow stuck with organizing farewell lines.

“My eldest, in exchange…”

The old man put his hand on a picture he framed recently and deliberately sighed.


Only one person came. It was the teacher.

“You’re disliked because all you do is fight. So, behave in your next school.”

It doesn’t mean I fight because I like to. I just happen to come across numerous settings where people were extorting people or forcibly picking up women. I’ve never started a single fight.


I heard a voice from outside the room. My younger brother Shouhei stuck his head through the door, he was wearing the yellow apron I’ve become familiar with seeing.

“What’s up?”

I folded the empty cardboard box and responded to Shouhei’s voice after getting interrupted.

“Since I finished with the kitchen and dining room, I want to make soba, but…”


“Ah, is it Hikkoshi Soba?”

“Yeah. Should we make some for the neighbors?”

He said neighbors, but aren’t we surrounded by a forest?

“About that, is that something we make at home?”

I looked at my old man. Ah, that’s the face of someone who doesn’t know.

“You don’t have to tell that sort of thing to papa. It’s that, isn’t it? I think it has a meaning of wishing for a long relationship like soba. Isn’t it the same be it from the store or from home? Shou’s is definitely more delicious, so make it. It’s also cheaper.”

Stop with that irresponsible shit.

However, it’ll definitely taster better if Shouhei made it. Only that was the truth.

“Ok, then I’ll make it.”

Shouhei said and took out a memo. He placed it on the chest next to the door and took out a pen from the pocket of his apron.

If I say so myself my younger brother really was a unfortunate handsome young man. Unlike my unruly hair that jumped all over the place, Shouhei’s hair was fine and smooth. He has been sickly for a long time, so he was fair-skinned and slender. This is popular, eh.

“Brother, go buy these.”

He passed me the memo, there were quite a lot of ingredients written on it.

“Oh. …You’re making quite a lot, eh? Is soba fine?”

“Since I was going to make it anyways, I started preparing the day before yesterday. Dad stepped on it so there’s a bad mental image, but it’s fine, right?”

“The old man using his feet to make soba… does indeed leave a bad taste, but since my younger brother’s too excellent, I can’t complain.”

“If you can do something other than complain, then you can go shopping. I don’t know how many neighbors we have, so I thought I should make a larger quantity. If it’s you brother, you can eat the leftovers, right?”

“You guys are dissing your father quite naturally, huh?”

I checked my wallet. One 10,000 ¥ bill. It was for food expenses, since I’m the one in charge of shopping.

“Ok then, I’m off”

“Take care. Don’t get lost.”

As if.

“Take care. Make sure to come straight home.”

I will!

After my family member’s questionable farewells, I put on a pair of sneakers at the front door. I left though the huge front door and looked back.

“…It really is big, huh.”

It was thanks to the hard work of my old man. It was second-hand, but nonetheless a splendid detached house. The loan will continue into my generation, but I don’t really mind. If my mother was still alive, she would surely be glad as well.

“Alright then, I have to find the shopping district…or a supermarket.”

It’s the first time I came here. I wont get lost, but I feel like it’s going to take some time. Shouhei’s cooking is delicious. I became hungry and decided to hurry up.

I looked up at the sky abruptly. It was a clear sky without a single cloud.

“It’s a nice day. I hope something good happens.”

March was still a bit chilly and basking in the sun made me slightly sleepy. I stuffed my hands into my jacket’s pockets and left in high spirits.

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  1. Thanks for picking this up, don’t know why the other group decided to delete everything they translated. I’ll probably wait till you get back to where they were though.


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